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You have come to celebrate all the different versions and worlds of {{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}}. You have come to escape the fancy Instagrammer inside you, your employable LinkedIn self, or your busy Facebook wall. It is a safe space for you to be frank, to reflect, and to accept whatever comes.

This questionnaire has fourteen questions. Answers are meant to be short, and must not exceed 140 characters. Based on your answers, your Honest Bio will be automatically crafted.

Thank you for embarking on this bold journey with yourself. Now, let's get started!

Who are you?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} is..." *

Describe who you are in one sentence without mentioning your achievements or diplomas.

Being honest involves being critical. Remember to mention things that describe you that you're no very proud about, in addition to the great qualities that make you.
Describe what you do as if you were telling a five year old.

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} spends a lot of his/her time..." *

Why does it matter? Why do you do it? Remember to use simple words and go straight into the purpose of it.
How do people describe you?

Finish the sentence: "People say {{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} is..." *

What image do you give others? What do people tend to think about you?
How is other people's opinion of you different to how you really are?

Finish the sentence: "Although people say {{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} is, in reality she/he is..." *

We sometimes don’t really show ourselves as we really are to the world. This is an opportunity to think about how you truly are, without considering how you show yourself to the world. What side of {{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} do you normally only keep to yourself?
What do you love?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} loves..." *

What makes you excited in this world? It could be a place, an event, a person, an object, a feeling or emotion…
Why do you love it?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} loves {{answer_68159383}} because..." *

Think deeper: Why do you love {{answer_68159383}} so much? Why do you think you chose that over any other option? What is it about that particular choice that makes you so happy? What impact does it have on you?
What are you passionate about?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} is passionate about..." *

What makes your eyes shine brighter and which idea really gives you goosebumps? Think about the activities that make you feel really alive from your tiptoes till the top of your head.
What do you do as a result of your passion?

What do you often feel insecure about?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} often feels the need to pump up..." *

Our insecurities often make us cover some aspects of ourselves, our bodies, our personalities… What is that insecurity that you always tend to cover up?
Why do you feel insecure about it?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} feels the need to pump up {{answer_68159378}} because..." *

Behind every insecurity, there lives a fear. For example, we feel insecure about our bodies because we fear we might not be good enough in the eyes of others. Or we feel insecure about our language skills because we fear we might make a fool of ourselves trying to express ourselves in another language.

Think deeper. What is the fear that lives beneath and powers your insecurity? What do you fear that makes you feel so insecure about that specific matter?
What is your biggest strength?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} is..." *

It’s now time to think about your biggest strength. That thing about you that you feel most proud of and grateful for. What makes you the happiest and proudest about being you? What is something you admire about yourself?
Why do you think it is your biggest strength?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} is {{answer_68159706}} and that allows him/her to... *

You perceive this is as your biggest strength because it leads or allows you to perform actions or make decisions that you enjoy, make you grow, and take you on paths that bring meaning to your life. How does this strength or quality of yours help you become a good version of yourself?  What does it lead you to?
If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

Finish the sentence: "If {{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} was an animal, she/he would be a..." *

The first creature that comes to mind is the one!
How would you feel about sharing these answers with the world?

Finish the sentence: "{{answer_ziR3b0uKfFLD}} would feel quite..." *

Sharing these personal, sometimes difficult answers with the world is not an easy thing. We are not really used to showing our strengths and learnings so explicitly. Taking the step of creating your Honest Bio is the first step towards gaining a bit more self-awareness, and accepting both your light and your shadows; the things about you that you feel proud of, and those that present big learning journeys.

It is only your personal choice if you want to share your Honest Bio with somebody else or not! It might be a great and valuable insight to who you are and a beautiful sign of trust towards the other person, but there is no pressure to do it!
Final question!

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But before you leave, we'd love for you to give us initial thoughts, feedback or suggestions you may have to make the Honest Bio an even greater experience. *

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